Launch things! New, 27Sprints, & Big Mountain Data Conference

A few things to announce today, and it feels really good to be able to share. 

  1. The website ( is undergoing a major overhaul, and yes, there will be new blog posts!
  2. I am launching my new company, 27Sprints.
    My focus will be to use lean startup and agile product development concepts to help companies and entrepreneurs (you know how I love 'em) strategize, plan, and deliver successful products.
    Since I also have project and product management experience, and am passionate about agile, I will also help implement and execute product delivery, and work with my faves: development teams.
  3. I am speaking tomorrow at the Utah Big Mountain Data and SQL Saturday conference, which is organized by the amazing Utah Geek Events team. My talk is titled "Be a Data Hero and Drive Business Results".

    Synopsis: "Companies need data to help them determine what's working, what isn't working, and where they need to be spending their money (or not). A lot of companies today are starting to understand that data is a key component (although not the only component) for delivering successful products.

    However, there are still gaps between the data that business executives think is relevant, the data that is actually relevant, and the decisions that are made based on interpretation of the data.

    In this session we will talk about how you can be the voice of reason, and how you can potentially redirect company strategy based on key metrics and user behavioral data. Ultimately, you could drive business success by taking a leadership role in data delivery, analysis, and communication."

    Here is an actual image from one of my slides:
Data Puke

You're welcome. 

More announcements to come (and blog posts!) Stay tuned, have a good night, and I'll see you at the conference.

Project Leadership & Entrepreneurship

This week, I had the amazing privilege of being the guest on the weekly #PMChat (Project Management Chat) Twitter discussion.

I can't begin to describe how much fun I had, answering questions, debating, and engaging in an intellectual tweet-dance!

The topic of this week's #PMChat was one I recently wrote a guest blog post about on Robert Kelly's blog, titled "5 Ways a Project Leader is Like an Entrepreneur".

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Mindshift: Stop Doing "Whatever It Takes"

I used to go into job interviews with the phrase "I'll do Whatever It Takes to Get It Done" emblazoned on my forehead.

I used to write documents nobody would ever read, create status reports nobody cared about, and schedule so many meetings that people didn't even bother to respond to the invites anymore. 

Even worse, I expected my project teams to work on and deliver "project artifacts" that were redundant, or clearly unnecessary, because someone else asked for them.

I did (and expected others to do) "Whatever It Takes", which translated into doing everything and anything requested, without questioning the logic behind the requests.

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