About Hala Saleh

I want to help you make your software and technology organizations and teams successful, using a hands-on, customized approach.

I've experienced the best of both worlds: enterprise-level project and program management, as well as my true love: lean startup and agile environments. I combine both to help organizations achieve their productivity, innovation, and strategy related goals.

I am also a startup and tech enthusiast, and I love helping people and teams create successful products (while having fun).

My experience includes working at companies such as Lucent Technologies, Hewlett-Packard, Goldman Sachs, as well as startups like Rentler, SKY Mobile Media, and others, in roles including: Developer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Program/Project Manager, Agile coach, and Product Manager.

What They're Saying

"Hala is an amazing agilist and product strategist. You should follow her. Better yet, you should hire her to help bring out the best in your business." -- Sara Jones, CEO, ApplicantPro

"I've had the pleasure of working with Hala over the course of several months. She continues to be invaluable to our product development team. Hala's expertise of agile and product management combined with her passion for coaching helped our team improve processes with the first workshop. I would absolutely recommend Hala and 27Sprints!" -- Bridget Fleagle, Product Strategist

"Hala: You have been so helpful over the past few weeks, and I have learned more from you in that length of time about agile than I did at my previous employer in 2 years. Thank you."  -- Brandon Watson, Product Manager

"Info for me was clear, concrete, understandable, clearly communicated. You addressed my questions and evoked excitement in me for my startup. THANK YOU!" -- Workshop attendee

"Awesome information! Easily accessible - my brain is buzzing! Turn this into a half-day workshop!"
-- Workshop attendee

Sample Video Presentation from OpenWest 2014 Conference: "How Agile Can Make You a Better Executive"