halasaleh.com (formerly PMLove) is Launching!

(If you are confused about why this post is named “PMLove is Launching”, PMLove used to be the name of this blog. I have since changed it to halasaleh.com, which I think is more representative of me bringing my whole self to this blog I call home – and is a lot less cheesy)

About PMLove (Update: Why I named it PMLove in the first place):

I know what you’re thinking.

“Say whaaat?!
Project management and love in the same sentence?
What does something as practical as managing a project have to do with something as ethereal as love?”

My response: Everything.

If managing projects is what you do, then in order to make it work, in order to be successful and to bring maximum value to yourself and to the projects, teams, and most importantly the individuals that you work with, you must love it.

Am I delusional?
Do I think that you are going to love every single project you work on, even the ones that deal with subject matters that interest you exactly 0%?

Do I still think you can bring some element of love to every single project you work on, even the ones that deal with subject matters that interest you exactly 0%?

I believe that in finding a way to love what you do, in finding a way to find the best part of everything you do, your work will love you back, and you will succeed.
By bringing your passion and authentic self to what you do, you will be able to find your path to doing and succeeding at what it is you are passionate about.

Maybe it’s the conceptualizing that you love.
Maybe it’s the team-building.
Maybe it’s the documentation of complex requirements that stretch your brain and require you to learn something new.

Or maybe, it’s bringing bagels and doughnuts to your team on Fridays, and seeing the differences between software engineers and business strategists melt and become insignificant as they themselves melt at the prospect of sweet tummy goodness.

Whatever it is, find it and love the heck out of it.

Then, find something else to love, and love the heck out of that.

When you are authentic, and present, and genuine, your power to make things happen cannot be denied.

But before all of that, learn your craft and learn it well.
Practice, rinse, repeat, and at each step, figure out what your strengths are and cultivate them.

In this series of posts, I aim to find different areas of project management to highlight and perhaps present to you in a different light.
Maybe if you look at it with humor, a task you once dreaded can become a little more fun.
Maybe if you approach something in a different way, it can become more tolerable.
Or maybe, you just didn’t know about a different way to do something, and I can help you with that.

Join me, and let’s love us some project management up in here!

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