Project Leadership and Entrepreneurship

This week, I had the amazing privilege of being the guest tweeter on the weekly #PMChat discussion.

I can’t begin to describe how much fun I had, answering questions, debating, and engaging in an intellectual tweet-dance!

The topic of this week’s #PMChat was one I recently wrote a guest blog post about on Robert Kelly’s blog, titled “5 Ways a Project Leader is Like an Entrepreneur”.


For most people, the words “entrepreneur” and “project manager” conjure up very different images. This was evident during our tweetchat on Friday.

At some points, the discussion was intense (as expected with a group of driven project managers who make things happen!), and people made some compelling arguments regarding whether or not entrepreneurs and project managers could be considered similar.


In all honesty, I couldn’t have asked for a better debate. Part of my goal was getting project managers to think of themselves (and other project managers) in a different light. Part of it was also to bring to light the idea that leadership and innovation do not live only at the top.


If you’re interested, you can listen to my interview with Robert Kelly and Rob Prinzo, in the pre-game radio show at the link below. It was great connecting and talking to them, and I look forward to upcoming editions of #PMChat! (Here is the link to the schedule for upcoming PMChat topics and guests.)


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