It's Halloween! (A.k.a Halaween, if you live in my world.)

A perfect opportunity to give stuff away. Or, in other words, give back to the entrepreneurial and tech communities that I so love. (And since we're on the Hala theme, I'm calling it Hala-back Days.)

This year, I'm giving back by giving away my time. 

Yes! It's true!

For a limited number of people who respond by filling in the information below, I will spend up to 30 minutes talking to you about your (or your team, or company's) current challenges and some possible solutions.

  1. Product Development: (Product roadmapping, planning, effective execution).
  2. Agile: Knowledge of or Training in Agile methodologies at different levels in your organization. 
  3. Lean Startup for YOU: Implementing a Lean Startup approach in the context of your company/business/team.
  4. Analytics & Metrics: What analytics should you be tracking so you're getting the right insights and making effective business decisions?
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