Are you a CTO/ CIO/ CMO/ CEO looking to implement an "innovation lab" to launch new products or experiment with new ideas in your company?

Maybe you've already implemented this concept within your organization, but it's just not working out the way you had envisioned.

Or maybe, your team is simply too busy working on existing products and projects, and there is just no way to pull them into working on something new anytime before Q3 of 2025. 

We want to help. And we know we can. 

Who We Are

By now, you might know a thing or two about me. (If not, just click on the About link, friend! Quick and easy.)

I'd like to introduce a Lean, MVP building technology powerhouse, Cache Merrill, CEO of Zibtek. Cache is the technology arm of this partnership. Cache and his development team have built 33 MVPs in the last 18 months! Cache brings an informed, experienced perspective, and provides technical feasibility guidance and strategy. 

We recently decided to do some research on the concept of innovation labs within companies, and have been finding some patterns and common challenges.

Fortunately, we know we can help you achieve your innovation goals.  

Here's how:

  1. Validation: Our goal is to do as much up-front validation as possible before developing any code. We will validate the right thing at the right time, such as:
    • Customer validation: Are you targeting the right customer, or customer segment with your proposed product, service, or new feature? 
    • Idea validation: Is your idea one that people actually want or need? What need are you filling for them? What will you provide that other solutions don't? Is there an actual problem to solve, or are you looking for a problem to apply your cool idea to?
    • Monetization validation: Will people pay you for your solution? 
  2. Let's Build It:
    Now it's time to build the MVP, based on what we've learned together. 
    Now that we've done the appropriate amount of validation:
    • If you want to take it from here, we flex our experience muscles to advise you on how to approach building your new product or service.
      We have technical expertise and experience with things like: what architecture decisions should be made now vs. what can be put off until later, the costs of going with one technical implementation or platform vs another, and more. 
    • If you need help building it, we can do that too. By being independent of the rest of your organization's infrastructure, we can run fast iterations with as much or as little interfacing with your team as you want. (This is our favorite option, because it allows us to roll up our sleeves and get in the weeds!)
  3. Inspect & Adapt: At each step in the process, we will run experiments, test usability, and learn from your customers what's working and what isn't working. 
  4. Coaching: We are also excited about working with your internal teams to coach them on practices, systems, and approaches that we've learned along the way to enable your innovation efforts moving forward.

This is Big. Get In On It Now (Only 3 Spots Available!)

You have big ideas, and are positioned to take advantage of them. You also have a reality; your teams and resources are dedicated to existing products and services that have their own long lists of requirements.

Let us leverage the principles that make startups move quickly to explore new markets for you. 

Have more questions? Contact me at hala at 27sprints dot com and I will get back to you before you can say Lean Innovation Labs!