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It's Here: Video of My Agile is Better Than Your Agile at AgileIndy 2015


It's Here: Video of My Agile is Better Than Your Agile at AgileIndy 2015

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was so excited to share my thoughts on where we are as a community in my talk for AgileIndy 2015 on April 17th. My talk included thoughts on extremism, my personal "agile" journey, and a few bad jokes. 

You can now get access to the full video plus the slides I used! Just sign up below, and I'll send you the link.

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Using Lean Startup For Agile Adoption

While at AgileIndy 2015 today, I had the opportunity to hear someone who I respect immensely, Mike Cottmeyer of Leading Agile, speak about his thoughts on Agile Transformation. Mike really gets it, and expresses his thoughts on the matter eloquently and with such impact. 

While listening to him speak, I remembered this piece I wrote back in December 2014, and wanted to share it. It's not directly related to his talk, but there are some parallels and shared opinions.  

I play a lot in the space of Lean Startup, but I also come from an Agile/ agility background. When asked to write a piece for an e-book a few months ago, I thought - why don't I combine my backgrounds in these two things and talk about how to adopt agile using a lean startup approach? 

So I did. 

And here's what I wrote. I'd love your thoughts and feedback. Mike, thanks for inspiring me to post this!

What Can Lean Startup Teach Us About Agile Adoption?


Agile Indy 2015: Things Are Getting Personal


Agile Indy 2015: Things Are Getting Personal

This Friday, April 17th, I will be speaking at Agile Indy, which is an agile conference organized and held by the great agile community in Indianapolis. 

There are going to be some amazing speakers and agilists there who I have the honor of sharing the stage with.

My talk was inspired by a blog post I wrote a while back titled "My Agile Is Better Than Your Agile", and expands on my thoughts on the topic.

But why did I choose to speak About this topic?

Honestly, I believe we are at a point in the lifecycle of agility where a solid retrospective is in order. 

As part of my talk, I plan on talking about some of the ways extremism has impacted my personal life, and its impact on my personal journey and evolution of thought over time.

Although not as extreme, I hope this background helps shed some light on why the divisions that occur within and without the agile community are such a big deal to me. 

If you're going to be there, I hope you come say hi and share your thoughts with me on the talk. 

If not, I hope to have some video of the talk that I promise to post up afterwards. 

See you in Indy!

Follow the conference hashtag at #AgileIndy15, or the official conference Twitter account @AgileIndyConf. Thanks for your support!



Webinar Announcement! But First, A Question

Yes, it's true!
I'm planning on doing my first webinar where I'll be the one running the show.

You know you want to be there.

But what is the webinar about, you say? 

Watch this (less than 1 minute) video for more info and a quick question.

Go ahead, I'll meet you under the video block in a few:

Tell Me What You Think

Which topic should my first webinar be on? Here are the options, once again:

a) "How My Getting My PMP Helped Me Be a Better Agilist (and Strategist!)" (Note: PMP = Project Management Professional certification)

b) "Business Agility: Why, What, Who, When, How"

I appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing from you!
(Just a quick a) or b) in the comments is more than sufficient.) 

Sign Up To Be The First To Know

Sign up below, and be the first to know when we finalize webinar logistics. Since spots are first-come first-serve, make sure you're at the front of the line!

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Utah Code Camp 2015: Personal Productivity FTW


Utah Code Camp 2015: Personal Productivity FTW


This Saturday, I will be speaking at Utah Code Camp, and no, I’m not talking about coding. (Because that would be bad for both the attendees and myself, I promise.)

What I am talking about is something that’s changed the way I get things done, both for my own work and business-related tasks, as well as tasks that relate to my personal and family life.

That’s why the title of this blog post says “Personal Productivity FTW” (i.e. For The Win), because this system will literally help you win AT LIFE. (Ok, maybe I’m a little excited about it, but you’ll see why when you come to the session.)

Over time, we humans have proven that we’ve got some real issues with buckling down and being (then staying) productive. Myself included. Oh yes, myself is so included.

Precisely for this reason, a lot of really smart people have created systems for getting things done (ahem) that I just have not been able to stick with.
(I’d like to say “stick with in the long term”, but I wasn’t even able to stick with them in the short term. Just keeping it real here. Also, I blame myself, not the systems, since I know there are people out there who are able to implement some of these successfully.)

A couple of years ago, I decided that if I was going to be training and teaching people on how to get stuff done effectively within their teams and organizations, then I’d better be able to replicate those results somewhere where productivity and effectiveness really hit home. That somewhere was – take a wild guess: at home.

Yes, I decided to “eat my own dog food”, and although I never thought I would say this, boy does it taste good.

If I couldn’t use the systems I was teaching to achieve productivity in my own work and life, and then extend that to the members of my household, then how could I ask people to pay me to help them achieve the same thing in their jobs?

If you’re coming to Code Camp tomorrow, join me as I walk you through my story, and then learn (in just a few minutes) how you can nail this system for yourself, and maybe even for your team (your family is totally considered part of your team, BTW). 



Even Agilists Need Cool Threads On Their Bods

I've probably mentioned Adam Weisbart before somewhere on the Interwebs, but if you haven't heard me talk about him before, here goes: Adam is one of the smartest, most authentic, dedicated agilists I know. He is a Certified Scrum Trainer but so much more. He continually creates new challenges for himself, and is a well of ideas and creativity. 

One of Adam's recent ideas that I'm so excited about sharing with you is his new line of Agile Threads T-shirts. These shirts are funny, awesome, and just the thing you need to inject a little bit of fun in your day. (Check out the Pair Programming one, it just tickles my funny bone!)

Go order a shirt today, and be the coolest agilist (or just coolest kid) on the block! 


My Agile is Better Than Your Agile


My Agile is Better Than Your Agile

This blog post started with a tweet.

Truthfully though, it started a long time before the tweet.

If you've been anywhere near the Internet lately, you've likely seen some of this going around:

"Many product owners are just project managers who took on the role, and have no clue about what makes a product successful."

"AGILE PROJECT MANAGER?! I would never apply to be a job titled Agile Project Manager."

"He's not a scrum master. He's just a glorified project manager." 

And, from my own mouth, years and much shame ago, "Who cares about mapping your BRD (Business Requirements Document) to user stories? The whole exercise is useless."


Product Owner Training in Salt Lake City (and Promo Code!)


Product Owner Training in Salt Lake City (and Promo Code!)

I know you want me to tell you about the promo code. 

First, you have to listen to a little story. 

My Personal Agile Transformation

Some people come into your life and change everything. It may start in a subtle way, kind of like that butterfly flapping its wings. One thing leads to another, events just seem to unfold, and the domino effect takes over. Then, before you know it, you're living a different life. 



Let's Solve the "We found an issue and can't deliver on time" Problem

You want to know about risk early on in your projects and product development.

You really don't want to be surprised with showstopper issues that show up as you near your launch date.

You mostly want to avoid losing money on project delays, costly fixes and workarounds, or even having to start from scratch.

So then why do you continue to face scenarios where the biggest risks, issues, dependencies, and even requirements frequently get pushed much later in your development cycle than they should?