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How to Figure Out Whether or Not You Should Pursue Your Product Idea (Lean Workshop Series: Part IV)

This is the fourth post in a series of posts answering questions we’ve received as part of our Hands-On With Lean workshops.

You can find the first three posts here:

1) How Do I Turn Ideas Into a Viable Product?

2) Prioritization: How Do I Prioritize Effectively So I Can Avoid Wasting Time & Money While Building My Product/ Startup?

3) How Do I Generate Product Ideas?

In this post, we’ll talk about how to determine whether to pursue or drop your product idea.


Hands-On Lean Workshop Recap


Hands-On Lean Workshop Recap

This past Friday, we got really hands-on with lean.


The goal of our Get Hands-On With Lean workshop was to help attendees really grasp the concepts of lean thinking, validation, and lean product development.

Attendees included both entrepreneurs as well as people involved in product development within larger companies, and the energy was simply infectious.

We covered topics including

-       The origins of the Lean Startup movement

-       What is and is not an MVP

-       How to get your brain around the concept of experimentation and validation with minimal investment

-       Customer Development

-       And more!


We also had an investor from local VC firm Peak Capital Partners join us at the end of class, and tell us all about his perspective as an investor. Attendees got to have real one-on-one time with a VC, ask their burning questions, and create a new contact!

The best part of class, though, was when everyone broke up into teams, rolled their sleeves up, and started filling out sections of the lean canvas one at a time for an idea that was theirs.

After each section, we had great discussions about what people came up with, asked each other The Hard Questions, and helped refine each other’s ideas.

It was collaborative, it was valuable, and it was fun.

Take Action Now
(Really! According to the people who came to the class, you won't regret it!)

Do you or someone you know need help getting out of a rut, getting ideas for how to validate your or your organizations’ assumptions, or just want to understand how to come up with an experiment to validate ideas (before even thinking about building product)?
Then tell us (by filling out the form below). (Or tell them to tell us!) 

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We had so much fun that we’d love to do this again next month (and the month after, and the one after that!)

The Lean, Not Mean, Super Cool Team:

27Sprints & Zibtek

Special thanks to Holodeck SLC for sponsoring us by providing space, Ergonomux (new UX firm in SLC, Utah!) for providing lunch, and Beehive Startups and Silicon Slopes for helping us announce the event!) 


Idea Generation: StartSLC Lean Workshop Q&A Series - Part III


Idea Generation: StartSLC Lean Workshop Q&A Series - Part III

This is the third of a series of posts answering questions that were submitted at the Lean Workshop series conducted at StartSLC on 1/30 and 1/31 - you can find the first post here, and the second post here

StartSLC Lean Workshop Q&A Series Part III: Idea Generation

Question: How do I cultivate product ideas?

I chose to answer this question next because just last week, I was at an event at Startup Ogden with a number of entrepreneurs and startup co-founders, where we discussed this exact topic.

The format of this event was an un-conference, where attendees discussed topics that they really cared about and that impacted them, including “How do I come up with product ideas?”

Idea Generation: Back to Basics

When discussing the topic of generating startup or product ideas, we tend to over-complicate the process.

My answer to this question is pretty straightforward and simple. Ready?


StartSLC Lean Workshop Q&A Series - Part II


StartSLC Lean Workshop Q&A Series - Part II

This is the second of a series of posts addressing questions that were submitted as part of the Lean Workshop series I conducted along with Cache Merrill at StartSLC on 1/30 and 1/31 - you can find the first post here.

Before jumping in to answer questions, I am excited to announce that Cache and I are conducting an extended, full-day workshop titled "Get Hands-On With Lean and Learn How to Drive Your Startup or Product" on March 6th, 2015!

We will be focusing on hands-on, thought-provoking activities, and we plan on having a special guest that will be announced soon! Register before 2/18 and get an earlybird discount - bring your team and learn how to achieve your goals together. 

Prioritization: StartSLC Lean Workshop Q&A Series Part II: 

How do I prioritize effectively so that I am not wasting money and time while validating or building my product?


StartSLC Lean Workshop Q&A Series - Part I


StartSLC Lean Workshop Q&A Series - Part I

This weekend, I had the distinct pleasure and honor (I've always wanted to say that) of presenting two startup-related workshops at the inaugural StartSLC event in Salt Lake City, Utah.

StartSLC is the largest startup festival to have ever taken place in Utah so far, and it was buzzing with a number of panels, workshops, hackathons, pitch competitions, and a startup awards ceremony.

The two workshops I presented, which were sponsored by the Women Tech Council, were titled:
1) Get Hands-On With Lean (Co-presented with Cache Merrill of Zibtek), and
2) Startup Metrics: How to Measure and Drive Your Startup

When I present a session, I like to gather questions and specific areas people want to learn about before we get started, so I can target the presentation to their needs.
I then try to address any remaining questions after the presentation, so everyone can benefit from the answers.

For these two sessions, I wanted to articulate my answers to the questions that we gathered here on the blog, just in case there was anything we weren't able to get to, and also as a way to share some of the Q&A with those who weren't able to attend. 

The answers will come in a series of posts, with this post being the first in the series.


Announcing Lean Innovation Labs for YOU


Announcing Lean Innovation Labs for YOU

Are you a CTO/ CIO/ CMO/ CEO looking to implement an "innovation lab" to launch new products or experiment with new ideas in your company?

Maybe you've already implemented this concept within your organization, but it's just not working out the way you had envisioned.

Or maybe, your team is simply too busy working on existing products and projects, and there is just no way to pull them into working on something new anytime before Q3 of 2025. 

We want to help. And we know we can. 

Who We Are