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Using Lean Startup For Agile Adoption

While at AgileIndy 2015 today, I had the opportunity to hear someone who I respect immensely, Mike Cottmeyer of Leading Agile, speak about his thoughts on Agile Transformation. Mike really gets it, and expresses his thoughts on the matter eloquently and with such impact. 

While listening to him speak, I remembered this piece I wrote back in December 2014, and wanted to share it. It's not directly related to his talk, but there are some parallels and shared opinions.  

I play a lot in the space of Lean Startup, but I also come from an Agile/ agility background. When asked to write a piece for an e-book a few months ago, I thought - why don't I combine my backgrounds in these two things and talk about how to adopt agile using a lean startup approach? 

So I did. 

And here's what I wrote. I'd love your thoughts and feedback. Mike, thanks for inspiring me to post this!

What Can Lean Startup Teach Us About Agile Adoption?