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Webinar Announcement! But First, A Question

Yes, it's true!
I'm planning on doing my first webinar where I'll be the one running the show.

You know you want to be there.

But what is the webinar about, you say? 

Watch this (less than 1 minute) video for more info and a quick question.

Go ahead, I'll meet you under the video block in a few:

Tell Me What You Think

Which topic should my first webinar be on? Here are the options, once again:

a) "How My Getting My PMP Helped Me Be a Better Agilist (and Strategist!)" (Note: PMP = Project Management Professional certification)

b) "Business Agility: Why, What, Who, When, How"

I appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing from you!
(Just a quick a) or b) in the comments is more than sufficient.) 

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