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Utah Code Camp 2015: Personal Productivity FTW


Utah Code Camp 2015: Personal Productivity FTW


This Saturday, I will be speaking at Utah Code Camp, and no, I’m not talking about coding. (Because that would be bad for both the attendees and myself, I promise.)

What I am talking about is something that’s changed the way I get things done, both for my own work and business-related tasks, as well as tasks that relate to my personal and family life.

That’s why the title of this blog post says “Personal Productivity FTW” (i.e. For The Win), because this system will literally help you win AT LIFE. (Ok, maybe I’m a little excited about it, but you’ll see why when you come to the session.)

Over time, we humans have proven that we’ve got some real issues with buckling down and being (then staying) productive. Myself included. Oh yes, myself is so included.

Precisely for this reason, a lot of really smart people have created systems for getting things done (ahem) that I just have not been able to stick with.
(I’d like to say “stick with in the long term”, but I wasn’t even able to stick with them in the short term. Just keeping it real here. Also, I blame myself, not the systems, since I know there are people out there who are able to implement some of these successfully.)

A couple of years ago, I decided that if I was going to be training and teaching people on how to get stuff done effectively within their teams and organizations, then I’d better be able to replicate those results somewhere where productivity and effectiveness really hit home. That somewhere was – take a wild guess: at home.

Yes, I decided to “eat my own dog food”, and although I never thought I would say this, boy does it taste good.

If I couldn’t use the systems I was teaching to achieve productivity in my own work and life, and then extend that to the members of my household, then how could I ask people to pay me to help them achieve the same thing in their jobs?

If you’re coming to Code Camp tomorrow, join me as I walk you through my story, and then learn (in just a few minutes) how you can nail this system for yourself, and maybe even for your team (your family is totally considered part of your team, BTW).