EXECUTIVE & Leadership Coaching

Leading teams of people can be hard.

The mechanics of day-to-day operations can make being strategic feel like less of a priority.

Together, we will find the right balance between strategic and tactical, short-term and long-term gains, and we will design ways for you to influence, motivate, and bring out the best in your teams.


Team Coaching & Mentorship

You've taken the classes and done the workshops, and now you're back to work. 

But HOW do you actually take what you learned and apply the concepts of product management, development, and delivery into your daily work?

HOW do you convince your teammates, and maybe even your manager, to do things in this new, more agile, more open way?

I will help, by rolling up my sleeves, getting into the weeds with you, and helping you navigate this new territory. 

Let's Talk About How Coaching Can Help You Get Unstuck, And Reach Your True Potential.

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