Get Hands-On WIth Lean And Drive Your Startup OR Product

Lean Startup is cool, but how do I actually APPLY it? 

Come learn how to do this build-validate-learn thing, whether for your startup or any type of product development (even if you're NOT a startup!)

Together, we cover:

  1. Background: The concepts of Lean, Lean Startup, Experimentation, and the relevance of each of the sections of the Lean and/ or Business Model Canvas.
  2. Lean Canvas How-To: An explanation of the tools and thought process while going through each section of the Lean Canvas. 
  3. Group Lean Canvas Exercise: We will spend a significant amount of time working together in groups to fill out your own Lean Canvas, applying the concepts of lean startup to your idea or product.
  4. First Experiment: Using the tools taught in class, in conjunction with peer feedback, you will work in groups to design your first validation experiment. Learn the principles of good hypothesis creation and testing, and create an experimentation dashboard.

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